We are destined to live in real democracies.

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Doughnut economics presents us a model for economic sustainability; it was conceptualized by Kate Raworth. This “playfully serious” concept is based on two natural economic lines we should not cross. On the outside of the doughnut, there is planet Earth and we will have to live within its given means and not deplete the natural (economic) resources. On the inside of the doughnut, we should not let anyone fall into the (economic) doughnut hole and look the other way.

In politics, the same two natural lines exist. On the outside, our politicians…

Scientists are using a religious model!

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Rubber trees growing in Alaska? You gotta be kidding me. That’s not possible. But true it is — just as soon as we built greenhouses in Alaska and brought some rubber plants in from Brazil. It’s called planted evidence.

The Big Bang theory contains planted evidence, too. The super-hot conditions proposed in the Lambda-CDM, the most popular version of the Big Bang, are planted evidence. The super-hot conditions were imported from the laboratory and the Hadron Collider, used to examine matter to its finest details. Subsequently, the super-hot conditions got transplanted to the theory.

Explained the Big Whisper way

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Anti-matter is real. But what is not known is its relationship with matter. This article is an abstract proposal how anti-matter can come about. The conclusion of the article is that anti-matter is a special occurrence of matter. It is not the opposite of matter, rather it can be seen as some kind of mirroring effect of matter, an inside-out occurrence of the same energy that normally produces matter.

— -

First, a larger setup needs to be shown. The Big Whisper theory is a spin-off Big Bang theory, using the exact same scientific facts…

It starts in the eye of the beholder

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Intuitively, we all know what discrimination is. It is an unfair treatment of some people based on certain natural characteristics, and it is not right. But can you easily formulate the mechanism of discrimination, so it applies to all circumstances?

The common definition of discrimination does not capture the mechanism well, though it is good to see that there are two definitions:

  • The unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex.
  • Recognition and understanding of the difference between one thing…

Before there was matter, there was dark energy.

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What came first? The chicken or the egg?

Scientists figured out that the answer is the chicken. They placed one hundred chickens in a room and one hundred eggs in another room. When they returned the next day to both rooms, each kept at room temperature, the one hundred eggs were still one hundred eggs. But the room with one hundred chickens contained a couple of eggs as well.

Without any scientific doubt, the chicken came first and not the egg.

This is just a joke of course, but the larger question…

The electron is dark-energy expressed.

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Let’s start with the electron, because the structural explanation of Dark Matter is based on accepting the concept that we live in two realities at the same time, energy-wise. The electron is pulled into the material reality from the other, distinct dark-energy reality. If you can’t accept two realities at the same time, then don’t read this article.

— -

The basic subatomic environment is that there are neutrons, protons and electrons. …

A system with equal representation is far more beneficial for minorities.

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It is not natural for minorities to embrace winner-take-all. There is actually little in it for them. Already by the sound of it — winners taking all — minorities should feel the inclination to run as fast as they can in the other direction. Surprisingly, minorities can be the strongest supporters of winner-take-all.

The only people receiving their pick in district elections are the majority of voters. No one else gets anything, all others go home empty-handed. That is the natural outcome of the system’s setup.

Minorities have little incentive to participate in the voting process. Only when minorities form…

You’d be surprised!

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Believing in God is one thing. Making God real is a whole other task.

— -

It should come as a big surprise how easy it is to believe in God. All that is needed is your saying Yes I believe in God and you’re done. Nothing needs to be added to the mix. It is as simple as that. You are in full control establishing God as the beginning of our reality. You won’t be unique, though. Many have gone before you, creating God with their very own brain.

The issue in this article is not…

One party is bigger in politics than either Democrats or Republicans.

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The winner is the losing party? Of course this article’s header must be a trick. How else can The Losing Party end up being the winner in American politics? Something isn’t straight and forward.

But true it is.

In the United States, the voting structure results in a winner-take-all outcome. Candidates compete for a single seat, and just fifty percent plus one vote is all it takes to win. Most races are not neck-and-neck and, on average, we can say that winners get about sixty percent of the cast votes. That’s part one in this two-part equation.

The second part…

What these models are telling us about our scientists

There is no greater question than understanding the beginning of our material universe. The prevailing Big Bang theory trying to explain it all has a single flaw: it is stuck in understanding the very beginning itself. There is an alternate view, similar yet distinct, in the Big Whisper theory.

— -

The Big Bang and the Big Whisper models.

The Big Bang model has a storyline that is shown in this simple table with white and green fields, indicating a hot and dense state as the starting point of the materialization process and with a maturation point for matter found with the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation.

Prior to…


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