A Republic, if you can keep it.

7 min readJun 11, 2022

But… we already lost it. Here is how we can get it back.

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A Republic, if you can keep it, said the Founding Fathers. Within no time, we did not keep it. Here is how we can get it back.

The Founding Fathers did not envision a two-party system. Worse: We have to blame ourselves; we did not keep the provided Republic.

To see where we lost it, we only have to look at the Founding Fathers’ fantastic framework. Be careful though, because there is a good chance that no one will see how we ended up losing it. It was quite clever, our downfall.

The Founding Fathers put TWO very important things in place at the same time:

  • Establish a limited Federal framework that would serve a large nation well. With our going into twenty different political directions, the USA would not have lasted very long. It was super smart to limit our political freedom at that level.
  • Empower the People, so no government would deny or disparage the rights of the People (Ninth Amendment). The pursuit of happiness got guaranteed.

Fast forward not even all that much into the 19th century and the two-party system is already very clearly visible. What happened? I’ll tell you.

The States ended up copying and pasting the restricted Federal voting system for State elections.

  • No one protested

Where the Founding Fathers correctly put a limited political system in place, just for the Federal level, the States doubled down on it; they could have only done that by intruding into the realm of powers given to the People in the US Constitution.

  • The States established a voting system that restricted representation for no good reason at all. Our pursuit of happiness got restricted by governmental overreach at the State level.

Insult to injury, the local levels of government also followed the restricted political system as written down in rules and regulation by the States.

The States made it illegal to use the clean voting system Thomas Jefferson devised.

Therefore we find a concentration of powers at two additional levels of government, more than was intended by the…


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