Binary System = the Universe!

4 min readJan 18, 2024

Our minds are too preoccupied with the Decimal System to see all well.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

The binary system can do anything the decimal system can do as well.

Yet what the decimal system does not show very clearly is shown very clearly with the binary system: The structure of the universe.

  • The binary system is pure!

There is not much wrong with the decimal system. It is fantastic of course. Just look at the year with 365 days in it. That’s much easier to read than the year having 101101101 days in it, right? No doubt about it:

  • The decimal system uses handy shortcuts!

If we had just eight fingers instead of ten, we’d be using the octal system, that is likely easy to understand. It would not have mattered much. The octal system can do exactly the same the binary and the decimal system can do as well.

Yet what the octal and decimal system do not show is that we are fooling ourselves about the big picture if we take them to be the pure system instead of the binary system.

Let’s follow the religious route first.

The idea that there is a single God becomes a bit laughable when we look at the binary system.

You see God in the binary system?

Neither do I.

God does not exist in the binary system, so where does God come from, mathematically?

Notice how there is no problem to point to God in the decimal system.

  • Look, there is God, right there with number 1. We are then 2, and 3, etcetera.

Intrinsic to all there is in the universe, God is exemplified with number 1.

But… that God being 1 is also a modern idea.

In the olden days the word God was associated with number 2, as God was found with the other parts that are not here in the flesh and blood, yet real nevertheless.

  • The God of Love was easy to recognize, for every once in a while folks would get inflicted by that god (or goddess).
  • The God of War was a real God, and both warring sides would be praying to be given the victory of war.

Many Gods were worshipped (or feared), and they portrayed the secondary aspect of our reality, still fully part of the human reality, but not of flesh and blood.

  • God used to be number 2.

In modern days, many folks think that God is 1, though the binary system declares very loud and clear that this is not the case.

Let’s use Unity as the word that is automatically recognized in the decimal system. One can say that number 1 would be the correct stand-in.

The word Unity in the binary system, however, does not automatically exist and must be created first. For instance, the set of numbers of 11100100 could be agreed on to mean Unity. From that point on, we have Unity captured.

Unity in our universe is not a natural state. Diversity is the natural state, as clearly shown with the binary system.

Every 1 is identical to another 1 in the binary system, which means we end up automatically with a multitude of numbers. Yet equally important is that we need 0s in this system as well. As such, we have two distinct aspects in the binary system.

The binary system cannot function without zero.

  • And that is why God is not number 1.

Not only are the zeros vitally important, undermining the reality of an overall 1, but there is also no 1 that takes up the place of being the 1. The structure to declare God an actual and real aspect of the universe is not available.

The option to declare that God is 0 is available, and yet that leads to the same conclusion that God is not real (except perhaps via Spinoza’s proposal to view God as an abstraction).

Lastly, therefore, Space.

Space in our universe is greater than anything there is, seen and unseen. Space is infinite, whereas everything else has finite qualities. Not even Time is infinite since it moves in just one direction.

Space, which can be replaced with zero, is automatically larger than God. So, God cannot be number 1. God can be number 2, but that again is part of the decimal system.

In the binary system, God could be 11100100. But… only if we agree on that.

The Structure of the Universe is binary. Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorems provide additional support for the lack of a unified reality at any overall level in our universe.