Deaf to Divine Words

What God is telling us loud and clear.

Photo by Joseph Chan on Unsplash

Babies are cute, and families are warm. We are taking cues from the near and close to us and look for positive reasons and reactions to move forward with our plans, our ideas, our lives.

Yet we appear blind and deaf to the larger picture — the larger reality is out of our hands anyway, right?

While many people belief in a higher reality, very few of us are reading the writing on the wall, adding children to the planet as if the planet is ten times larger than its actual size, as if it is not showing us any problems at all with human overpopulation.

Being the fifth child myself, I do not blame my Mom for having me. It will be hard to pull that one off. Besides, there were ‘only’ 3,086 million people on the planet when I was born.

Mother Nature, or God if you wish, could not be louder, could not be clearer. Anyone with more than four children (sorry, Mom) should be ashamed of themselves for turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to what we are very obvious being divined.

While there are excuses — accidents can happen — there are options to prevent pregnancies. So, shame on you folks if you are having more than four children.

Signed: The Fifth Child



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