In the beginning… there was separation

The Big Whisper theory presented in a religious context

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Scientifically, the largest action in our universe is separation. When reviewing all matter, the divergent action is indeed the most important action noticeable. The opposite — convergent action — only occurs among matter in relative close proximity to one another. A planet, for instance, can be seen as matter converged into one mass. In our Solar System, we can see how the sun and the planets are involved in a continuous converging action, though not becoming a single mass. The grouping action occurs just at a ‘local’ level; convergent action is therefore not sustained beyond the scale of galaxies. Contrast this with the action of separation; divergent action does occur truly universally.

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No matter how correct it all is, telling this story is extremely complicated when needing to describe everything as having started out with separation. Basically, it is impossible to start a story with separation. It is more likely to be the ending of a story. And that is what the Big Whisper theory states: the beginning of matter was the ending of the prior situation in which matter had not been created yet. Separation occurred not in our material universe for the first time, it had started up in the pure-energy of the prior state.

The story can be told in a scientific manner, supported by mathematical evidence, but the storyline is much easier to describe in a religious manner. What follows is the description of how God created Heaven’s Gate and how parts moved through it.

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Perhaps it was curiosity or simply experimentation that led God to create Heaven’s Gate? Perhaps there was a nagging feeling that had to be suppressed or an impatience that led to the creation of a new and different state? Whatever the reason, God was sincerely involved with an action that required concentration — deep concentration. God was deeply absorbed in thought, not paying attention to the overall perspective anymore, when something started to stir.

Just focused on finding resolution, God paid no attention to the stirring. For God, a new sensation had occurred, being confronted with a question that did not have an answer right away. The question was simple: Can there be anything of a greater magnitude than God godself?

Naturally, the answer to the question was that there was nothing of greater magnitude than God, and yet that answer needed a better resolve. It was correct, but somehow the question could not be answered with just a black and white reply.

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The answer God received from within was indeed that nothing was of a greater magnitude than God, and yet a snicker was noticeable in that answer. This needed to be investigated.

The full reply that nothing itself could indeed be considered of greater magnitude than God was a puzzle that needed resolving. Meanwhile, the stirring grew and grew, and a veil occurred within the stirring.

After long consideration, God warmed up to the idea that nothing could indeed be of a greater magnitude. While there wasn’t anything that could be of a greater magnitude, a true nothing by itself could beat God to the punch line. An empty spot could theoretically be larger. The moment God accepted this double-edged answer as correct, the stirring stopped and the veil lifted, revealing Heaven’s Gate.

Curious what had just happened, God approached Heaven’s Gate. Yet before God knew it, parts of God had started to slip through Heaven’s Gate, disappearing from sight. God reached out to retrieve these parts, only to realize this made more of God move through Heaven’s Gate.

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God decided to no longer reach out through Heaven’s Gate, but rather wait patiently until the parts had found their way back to God again. Low and behold, some parts did come back and brought with them the wildest stories.

Our universe is such a story.

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The importance of this creation story is not God, nor the fact that God created something new. To understand the outcome, all we need is that God created Heaven’s Gate. The entirety of the rest of what we call creation wasn’t created at all. Parts of God moved through Heaven’s Gate and transformed into our material universe.

A good theologian will have to sit and think about this for a while, because creation is then not a result made by God, but the particular transformation from God godself.

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This storyline also declares that the original God ceased to exist. Parts of the original God had moved through Heaven’s Gate and only some had returned.

The remaining parts of God realized that they were no longer the original God. Some of the magic was gone. Something had become more important than God, and not being whole anymore meant that the hole of Heaven’s Gate could not be undone.

Instead of being the entity of the greatest magnitude in the universe, the spot had to be shared — one level lower — with the other parts of God that were now on the other side, out of sight. The original God had been of the greatest magnitude, while now parts of God were strewn on two sides of Heaven’s Gate. Heaven’s Gate itself had moved to the highest spot, having the greatest magnitude, while still being nothing at all. If so desired we can place God still in highest position, but this position does not reach into high heaven anymore.

No spot in the entire realm that had belonged to the original God was now of a greater magnitude than Heaven’s Gate. God had accepted that something that is nothing of itself could indeed be of a greater magnitude, and so it was willed. It could not be undone because God simply cannot conquer an empty spot.

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It is not difficult to translate this into a scientific storyline, because space is the largest reality in our universe. It is infinitely greater than anything else material, all of limited quality. The immaterial reality on the other side of the material curtain can also simply put not be greater than infinite space. Both sides must be smaller than infinite space.

Once separation is seen as the first act toward materialization, it becomes easy to follow the storyline. The first step can be the stirring in the prior state, and its material results coming about would then be the end of the prior state.

Without a prior state, separation cannot be the first step for matter. From the perspective of matter, the story must have started with separation occurring in the prior state and how that separation simply continued on in our universe, with matter not the initial action but a subsequent reaction to the dividing action.

Our reality is a result and not the original. Matter occurred because A/ separation took place and B/ the reaction to separation resulted into materialization.

Only at the ‘local’ level do we find unifying results. With earth, we are all involved with an eternal trip through space, but fortunately we do so unified. In the Solar System, we dance in convergent manners, though our star and the planets will not become a single mass. Our Milky Way is the largest setting of the dance we are involved with. There are no additional convergent levels; all largest actions of convergence are galactic dances. The material results in our universe show limited environments, just as one would expect in any kind of larger setting in which separation had taken place for good.

Not unification, but separation is then the highest entity in our universe.

In ancient religions, one can recognize similar story lines. In the religious Pyramid Texts one can read about Atum creating the universe from himself. In Norse mythology, the All-Father Odin puncturing one eye before throwing himself on a spear and next hanging himself on the tree of life in order to gain knowledge. Through acceptance that nothing is indeed of a greater magnitude than God, our unified reality is of a locally limited but nevertheless divine nature.

— -

Evidence that zero is a fundamental number shows us that the first step can indeed involve the empty spot — needed for any Big Picture storyline.

Heaven’s Gate can be seen as a scientific fact, although it is pronounced here in a non-scientific manner to keep it simple.

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