In the Land of the Blind….

4 min readDec 24, 2023

How synergy may escape the best of minds.

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

Pull a couple of things together and before you know it you created some Art For Art’s Sake, not necessarily portraying something real or even meaningful. Yet the simple act of adding things together, creating a new outcome, delivers a synergistic result — hopefully something pretty funny as seen in the image above.

Somehow, not everyone understands the term synergy right away. Like colorblindness, some people don’t see it, don’t recognize it as a fundamental aspect in our universe.

  • Synergy is found everywhere we look, but for some reason some of us are not looking.

In chemistry, two components combined can create a new outcome with completely new properties.

That’s another example of synergy.

  • The essential part of synergy is that there is an additional outcome, distinct from the parts that is nevertheless not something just by itself.

We call this out as something greater than the simple sum of the parts.

A house is made of bricks and mortar, glass and tiles. Yet thrown together in a heap somewhere, all these materials are not a house. They are then just the materials. They need to be put together before the synergistic outcome becomes obvious.

A quick look at the process of baking a cake shows how something extra happened for us to end up with the cake.

  • The ingredients are mixed into a batter at first, and only then do we do the baking.

Like in chemistry, the mixing is an important aspect of ending up with a result that is different from just the parts.

Looking at the Big Bang model, one can see that synergy is not entertained as an essential part of the model

It is like recognizing that the cake is the end result indeed, but the proposed pathway to getting to that cake is missing a scientific step.

Instead of starting with the ingredients, physicists declare that the cake started out from cake particles.

The cake particles were put in the oven and out came the cake.

These folks are skipping a step. They are missing out on synergy.

If 92 percent of boys are colorblind, then the norm of what people can see in color would have been downgraded from what it is today.

In reality, just eight percent of boys are colorblind, so they are the ones that need to learn that they are the exception; they are not the norm.

  • When these eight percent of boys come together, for instance, because all are fascinated by science, and somehow a bunch of other people do not show up, then Science can get taken over by colorblind folks.

Synergy may be overlooked by people with the same kind of minds.

In the land of the blind, One-Eye is king.

This means that just one person has the ability of seeing, whereas the others know that they cannot see.

In the land of one-eyes, Two-Eye is a freak.

This means that with everyone seeing without depth, then depth perception is perceived as awfully awkward.

The question that is then most important:

What land is the Land of Science?

As long as physicists do not recognize their colorblindness, their synergy-blindness, their models will not be natural. Their models will contain an aspect that is artificial, because a scientific step will be missing.

Let’s quickly look at a few:

The Big Bang model. It is mechanically incomplete and yet no one recognizes the synergistic passing point of energy transforming into matter. The proposed location of transformation is non-synergistic; it is placed willy-nilly wherever in the model, even to the point that no one can agree on where all this took place exactly.

The Black Hole model. It is mechanically incomplete and no one recognized the synergistic passing point of the gravitational force. The idea that we can have a scientific item that is nevertheless ‘found’ outside our scientific reach is mind-boggling. In plain English: The thing that makes it the thing is itself not scientifically available. The inverse of the model is far simpler and all scientific data is then directly visible. The physicists failed to recognize synergy.

The Structure of Everything. Physicists are looking for the Theory of Everything, not knowing that they have all ingredients in-house already. The reason they can’t find it is their lack of understanding synergy. They want everything ‘flat’ but reality is always layered.

  • strong-nuclear force
  • weak-nuclear force
  • electromagnetic force
  • gravitational force

Let’s compare this setup with another setup that is not related but declaring the synergistic aspect real nicely. (Most physicists hate analogies because it requires them to use their synergistic capabilities, and they do not have them readily available.)

  • maternal force
  • paternal force
  • children’s force
  • family force

Normal people, not synergy-blind, can see how we get four out of three. The fourth group is not a simple adding of all others together.

The family force is fundamentally distinct from the other forces. And yet there was not something extra added. It was simply in the process that this force also came about.

The gravitational force is fundamentally distinct from the other forces. And yet there was not something extra added. It was simply in the process that this force also came about.

Colorblind boys have to learn that they are not seeing something that other people can see. That may be tough. But it is natural that not everything synergized into the right spots for everyone; it is part of our human story.