Is Voting in Districts Allowed?

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  • The biggest problem of voting in districts is that it leads to a two-party dominance. You are red or you are blue. We vote and the result is very binary, like flipping a coin. In some of the places in the USA, all the representatives are red, somewhere else all the representatives are blue. Obviously, that cannot be a true reflection of the voters. Coins don’t land on their sides or lean halfway over without falling; that is why the voting system warps the results systematically.
  • Racial groups are empowered and derided at the same time
  • In those locations where voting is held in districts you may be entitled to financial compensation. More about this right after this example:
City election ballot example with twenty candidates running for eight seats.
How the voters divided the eight seats.
  • Voter satisfaction: 92.4 percent
  • The outcome is not very refined in District Voting
  • The winners are a loss for democracy
  • Local governments are not mentioned in the US Constitution. The Federal government, the States, respectively, and the People are the only ones that can draw powers from the highest document in the nation.
  • Ask me, by stating your City (add the State please), and I will invoke the US Constitution on your behalf in your city or county. A single person is all it takes to invoke the US Constitution.
  • Oakland, CA, December 2, 2021
  • Memphis, TN, December 6, 2021
  • San Francisco, December 26, 2021




Structural Philosopher

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Structural Philosopher

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