Liberate Yourself with This Letter

4 min readSep 4, 2023


Send it to your city or county.

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The voting system in the United States is old-English. It means that there are two rounds of majority rule involved, which stinks. The first round is not about making the decision but about dwindling down who ends up making the decisions.

As long as this first round is based on majority rule, this eliminates many large minorities from being present at the council or board. This happens automatically in the mediocre voting system.

  • In plain English: You Are Suppressed.

Majority rule times majority rule is… minority rule. That minority is better known as the political elite (left or right). They got you by the balls because you voted in a system that eliminated many voters right away in the voting booth. You helped them concentrate powers in the hands of fewer groups.

The United States was first based on the 13 colonies setting up some kind of document that liberated them from England. Yet the Framers realized that they had just worked on copying some kind of England, and that was not what they desired. Subsequently, they wrote the Bill of Rights to turn this new nation into one that is based on real political freedom.

Still, the old-English voting system was put in place for the Federal level indeed. Nevertheless, in the Bill of Rights one can see that all other non-Federal elections have to use the highest standards. Citizens of the United States are given Constitutional privileges and immunities that no State can undermine. Today, we do not have in place what we should have in place.

We should elect our representatives using the American voting system in all our cities and counties; not the old-English voting system.

If you want to liberate yourself and your city, then you can write the following letter to your Mayor, City Clerk, City Manager, City Attorney and City Council members. Make sure to have them all cc:d with the same letter. Here is that letter that you can modify if you wish as long as you keep the essence in place:

Based on the US Constitution, the citizens of (your City or County) demand we start using the voting system already devised by Thomas Jefferson, proportional voting, with our next election. No other voting system is allowed, per the US Constitution.

This email/letter is meant to notify you that (our City/County) is functioning outside the framework of the US Constitution. You have three choices what to do now that you were made aware:

  1. Change the current mediocre voting system to the pure voting system.
  2. Investigate the matter. Be aware that you need two kinds of specialists to investigate this matter, and anyone less is simply not sufficient.

A. Legal specialists. The crux of the legal matter is that the US Constitution involves Civil Law and not Case Law. You will need to receive advice from those that understand the difference because it changes what voting system must be in place in our City/County.

B. Voting specialists. The crux of understanding voting systems cannot be emphasized enough. If your advisor does not understand the difference between proportional voting for the local level and proportional voting for the national level, then keep looking for a better advisor. They also need to understand why our current voting system is indeed mediocre.

3. Do nothing. This option is available to you, but note that we are tracking your inaction. No city or county can be told to be functioning outside the US Constitution and then not take any action. Together with Local Revolutions grassroots organization, we are building a case against the City/County. This is the first of several letters and we watch all that you are (not) doing. If you continue to do nothing about this legal situation, then a class action lawsuit will be brought forward about your inaction supported by our evidence of your inaction. Note therefore that the class-action lawsuit will not be about the legal issue, but rather about your doing nothing in light of being told that you are functioning outside the US Constitution.

If you discuss or investigate this matter, your discussions or evidence must be made public. This is a public matter of the highest order and you cannot discuss this issue just internally.

With our highest regards,

Your name (add my name if you wish).

Then, email us at “local-revolutions — at — localparty — dot — org” and let us know what you did, copy us the letter. We do not publicize that information, nor do we publicize anyone’s name. Announcing our names is left for the class-action lawsuit itself.

Here you can see the first batch of cities and counties that are in the process of receiving their second letter. If you find your city mentioned already, then go ahead and send your local officials a letter anyways. Reminders are always good, but you don’t have to do that of course since it was done already.

Liberate yourself. Kick that old-English voting system out the door. Be represented by your actual representatives and not by the dividers who conquered you in the first round inside the voting booth. They want fewer powers sitting around the table to make all decisions involving everything and everyone in your City or County.

Liberate yourself of that medieval voting system.