Local Revolutions

  • Full representation of voters in cities and counties.
  • Change where it is easiest to achieve because the law already demands it.
  • The State is doing something that it is not allowed to do in light of our local elections, and that is where we can take our first steps to improve the way we vote.
  • The landlord (the State) owns an apartment complex (of cities and counties), and in the apartments there are kitchens (for holding local elections). Today, the State demands that we do NOT cook Brussels sprouts in these kitchens.
  • With 60 percent of the voters getting their representatives, 30 percent of the voters got their Democratic Senator, 30 percent of the voters got their Republican Senator, and 40 percent of the voters went home empty-handed.
  • The largest group is the Losing Voters group.
Eight seats are up for grabs in this example showing both forms of democracy.
  • It is like walking into the store with $10 and perhaps 40 items available at that price. After walking around once or twice, the voter picks the desired item, and will either get that item (most of the time) or the item that is most similar to the one that was picked.
  • In our current election format, however, we still have that $10, but the store we have to go to has perhaps 7 items for that prize, and we already know beforehand which 2 items have the best chance of winning. You get what the majority picked, no matter what you wanted.
  • Thomas Jefferson.
  • The Ninth, the Tenth, and the Fourteenth Amendments all give powers to the People, and even warns governments not to trespass into these areas.
  • People invoking their cities and counties
  • People writing letters of support to Mayor, representatives, city or county clerk, and the local Election Commission
  • People writing the Governor and the Secretary of State to demand that the local levels of government use the better system that is available to them and that this is required per the Bill of Rights
  • Promote education about our voting system and how it currently helps an elite declare the direction of the nation
  • Later on, we will need to pick a city to take to court and demand a large amount of recompense to make sure all other cities follow suit. That is one to two years away. Particularly because separate-but-equal was already decided by the court and forms the legal basis of the Constitutional Invocation, the request for recompense can lead to serious numbers (and therefore lead to serious attention).




Structural Philosopher

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Structural Philosopher

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