Matter and Anti-Matter

7 min readMar 19, 2021

Explained the Big Whisper way

Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash

Anti-matter is real. But what is not known is its relationship with matter. This article is an abstract proposal how anti-matter can come about. The conclusion of the article is that anti-matter is a special occurrence of matter. It is not the opposite of matter, rather it can be seen as some kind of mirroring effect of matter, an inside-out occurrence of the same energy that normally produces matter.

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First, a larger setup needs to be shown. The Big Whisper theory is a spin-off Big Bang theory, using the exact same scientific facts, but not using them all in the same places. Let’s do some abstract thinking right here:

On the left side, the unknown origin for both theories is shown in white. We know that from this origin matter appeared. To the far right, the green shown underneath the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation indicates the scientific facts we have and the theories that are based on those scientific facts.

The distinction between both theories is noticeable in the middle section of the table. Commonly, scientists work that middle section of the table and try to make it green. They try to make the center field that represents from-the-unknown-to-matter part of the scientific facts and the theories based on these facts. They are trying to make this occurrence green and that is not the right approach.

In the orange section, the prior situation is proposed as coming to an end, with that end resulting in the green facts and their theories. The reason this orange section ended producing matter is fully based on orange.

The introductory point I am trying to make is that orange is not based on anything in green and yet many scientists think it is. The process of falsification, for instance, is a useless tool to declare anything scientific about the move from-unknown-to-matter. Applying falsification here is like driving into a one-way street going in the wrong direction. The data we have about matter cannot establish the reason matter came about.

Important to note is that orange can also not conflict with anything in green.

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Once we have clarity that orange came to an end based on orange reasons, the outcome is…