Matter and Anti-Matter

Explained the Big Whisper way

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Anti-matter is real. But what is not known is its relationship with matter. This article is an abstract proposal how anti-matter can come about. The conclusion of the article is that anti-matter is a special occurrence of matter. It is not the opposite of matter, rather it can be seen as some kind of mirroring effect of matter, an inside-out occurrence of the same energy that normally produces matter.

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First, a larger setup needs to be shown. The Big Whisper theory is a spin-off Big Bang theory, using the exact same scientific facts, but not using them all in the same places. Let’s do some abstract thinking right here:

On the left side, the unknown origin for both theories is shown in white. We know that from this origin matter appeared. To the far right, the green shown underneath the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation indicates the scientific facts we have and the theories that are based on those scientific facts.

The distinction between both theories is noticeable in the middle section of the table. Commonly, scientists work that middle section of the table and try to make it green. They try to make the center field that represents from-the-unknown-to-matter part of the scientific facts and the theories based on these facts. They are trying to make this occurrence green and that is not the right approach.

In the orange section, the prior situation is proposed as coming to an end, with that end resulting in the green facts and their theories. The reason this orange section ended producing matter is fully based on orange.

The introductory point I am trying to make is that orange is not based on anything in green and yet many scientists think it is. The process of falsification, for instance, is a useless tool to declare anything scientific about the move from-unknown-to-matter. Applying falsification here is like driving into a one-way street going in the wrong direction. The data we have about matter cannot establish the reason matter came about.

Important to note is that orange can also not conflict with anything in green.

— -

Once we have clarity that orange came to an end based on orange reasons, the outcome is ultimately going to be green, with the occurrence of matter. The original energy may still be around (albeit less than before).

The proposal for anti-matter in all this is matter trying to realign back into the former reality from which it arrived and in this material setting producing anti-matter. Anti-matter is then a special condition of matter.

— -

For the appearance of anti-matter, we need to know the full circumstances in which matter occurred. We know, for instance, that matter is always on the move. Nothing material in our universe is at a standstill. That means we have exciting circumstances, not dull circumstances— if you allow me to express it this way.

In the Big Whisper theory, there used to be a dark-energy environment only (with dark energy the easiest way to describe the prior state). In this prior state an inward motion slowly started to occur.

Like a wind-up toy wound up too much, an accident was to happen. Not everything became discombobulated with the inward motion increasing and increasing in intensity until something snapped. Only some parts would break, just like only the innards would break in a wind-up toy. Only parts of the dark energy would get changed at their fundamental level.

Then, we have matter occurring for the first time at the CMBR, the oldest known fact about our material universe. It is at this moment that the quarks are expressed (note the main distinction in theory with the Big Bang theory). The quarks are expressed at this point because they are released from all tension that had encapsulated them. All pent-up tension was finally spent at that specific point. The catapulting action of the Big Whisper theory slang out matter, and from that point on matter moves on all by itself.

— -

The quarks are like the original energy — but damaged. Because there are only six quarks, we can deduct that the inward accident of super high tension caused only six different kinds of damage.

Here is more abstract thinking about the quarks:

The six sides of the cube represent the six distinct kinds of quarks. The internal lines represent the damaging tension exerted on what we would now call the inside of dark energy. The cube is an abstract representation of dark energy, and should not be equated as representing one quantum of dark energy. It should simply be accepted as the abstract framework of future quarks.

Note that there are six pyramids inside this cube, the red and the green one easiest to detect. Envision each pyramid as a distinct quark.

The quarks are then the self-based damaged outcomes that do nevertheless not exist all by themselves. This needs further explanation.

With reaching the CMBR point, the quarks were finally exposed and they should be visualized in the abstract as these six pyramids — each existing separately by themselves only for the shortest time possible. Perhaps not even a nanosecond, perhaps a bit longer.

The quarks could not recombine as a cube, but were able to establish balanced combinations that formed the subatomic levels. They could not reconnect to becoming the cube again because they sustained damage in the inward accident.

Six quarks recombining would have successfully returned to being dark energy again, and that perfect scenario is therefore not what we are discussing here.

Notice how something special is going on inside the cube. The center of the cube is where all six pyramids are united. This is an internalized feature that needs to be pointed out better; this center spot is an inherent feature. It is very similar to anything material that exists, having its own inside apart from its outside. It is the spot where all used to be connected to all.

By their inability to return, and then being just like the cube, the unifying principle inherent to the quarks is ‘hanging out’ there, exposed perhaps ever so slightly. That is not pleasant. The quarks must recombine so their unifying principle is at least unified with some of the quarks nearby. They must form an inside that has an outside, too. This recombination ended up becoming neutron and proton as results (and not the cube that would have sheltered all).

All these quarks bound together in imperfect manners means that there is still a remnant of being exposed on the outside — at least to some extent. The proton with its positive charge is probably easier to envision having that lingering imperfection than the neutron. But only six quarks in a cube would be perfect, so anything less contains something wanting.

It is from that collective exposed energy that anti-matter is proposed to sometimes appear. The forces are then such that some of the quarks/pyramids are pulled inside-out by the other quarks instead of following their natural tendency to point inwardly as the damaging action would have had it.

The proposal is that this inside-out feature of anti-matter can happen especially when a number of quarks are close to rebuilding the entire cube. For instance, if five quarks are back together again, they may be strong enough to pull in a sixth quark (that is not of the right kind). That quark can then, for instance, be stripped inside-out to make it fit by these collective quark forces nearby. Only at that point will it become obvious that this inside-out quark is not a good fit.

Once stripped inside-out, that quark may not reverse anymore by itself later on, and when in contact with same from the normal state, they annihilate each other. This inversion may not happen often.

Anti-matter would then be the outcome due to overpowering of one non-fitting quark by an assembly of quarks occurring in an uncompleted state. There is no blame to go around. The quarks do as they exist, and the damaged goods will express themselves as they believe they should. The force is exerted onto the wrong quark, and the result cannot be avoided. The quark flips inside-out.

The anti-matter particle may remain in such existence for a long time — maybe only for a short period, depending on circumstances.

Matter and anti-matter are then each other’s opposites only as secondary result; not because they came about in equal numbers at the same time.

— -

Lastly, the specific role or character of the original energy needs to be expressed in words. While we have few handles on dark energy, it can be proposed to be energy in full balance with itself and its surroundings. As such, there is no noticeable expression.

A quark and its anti-quark would annihilate each other, in our eyes. We notice that the material reality disappeared. But it does not need to mean that the energy disappeared. Only the specific expression got undone.

Matter is damaged original energy. Without the damage, the energy is not readily noticeable for us. In light of expression, the damage can then be said to have established an out-of-balance nature.

— -

The larger point of this proposal is that anti-matter is a rather special additional property occurring among matter; it is then not the opposite of matter from an overall perspective, but rather the opposite of some specific form of matter.

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