Newton, Einstein and Rubin’s Vase.

On Gravity, General Relativity, Unification and Seeing Two Faces.

Photo by Antoine Peltier on Unsplash
  • We can place Newton with the Two Faces that are outlined by Einstein’s spacetime and we succeed in undermining the idea of unification at the overall level. In the center, separation plays then a fundamental role. Unification is retained separately, however, one level below with each of the Two Faces.
  • Divergent behavior is found at the collective universal level only. While instances of divergent behavior can be seen at the ‘local’ level, for instance with a nova, none of them entail sustained behavior. Only the largest level for matter in our universe behaves differently from the ‘local’ levels. We have known about this since Lemaitre and others proposed their outbound movement.

Structural Philosopher

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