Nuclear Attack Happened Again in the USA Today.

3 min readNov 24, 2022

Today 24,768 got killed in a Midwest town in the USA.

Image from the public domain: Trinity Detonation T&B.

It happened again today, a small nuclear arm was detonated in Lake Geneva, MI. Some 25,000 people got killed instantly with the fourth detonation of a small-scale nuclear device this year — one more than last year. An estimated 40,000 people are in need of immediate medical care while more are expected to experience fall-out side effects, in need of medical care during the next few years.

The call to ban small nuclear arms has been growing but so far to no avail. More Americans show strong support for the Second Amendment than any other generation before, and while the Democratic Party wants a reduction in small nuclear weapons, particularly in light of the range these small nuclear arms have, the Republican Party is firmly tied with the NRA, the Nuclear Resistance Association.

Mr. White from nearby Lansing told during an interview that he never expected anything like this to happen in his State. “Michigan has always been such a wonderful state, and we have never seen anything like this in our area before. These outrageous occurrences always happened somewhere else.” Mr. White witnessed the nuclear detonation firsthand from his Lansing backyard and declared himself always firmly within the Democratic camp, deeply desiring these weapons to have less effects on the larger community. He mentioned that he had already planned to donate more money to the Democratic Party, and was going to do this as soon as he got home after going to the hospital to get his radiation burns treated.

His neighbor, Ms. Mansfield, did not witness the blast since she was in the shower during the event. She reiterated how in Lake Geneva a strong streak of independent-minded folks had always been adamant about their Second Amendment rights. “Whenever there was an election, many folks would vote for the Republican Party candidates, enough to drown out the Democratic candidates. Then, with the next round between just the Republican candidates, the more staunchly Republican would win that round. In the subsequent round, the voters had a choice between all staunchly Republican candidates, and that winner would take on the winner from the larger Lansing area, also a strong-hold of Second Amendment supporters. So, whoever the winner was from that…