Thank you, Hailey, for supporting the legal pathway to changing the way we vote for our representatives at the local level.

Good news. We are doing well, moving forward in having many conversations with political science professors, local representatives (mayors, council members, other local officials) and presenting them the reason why local governments have no choice, per the US Constitution, but to stop placing these barriers inside local elections that hurt voter representation.

The voters should be free to elect the candidates they desire to represent them.

Only with Thomas Jefferson's clean voting system are we truly free.

District voting, at-large voting, ranked-choice voting, nothing of these voting systems are without restrictions. Only Proportional Voting delivers political freedom that the Founding Fathers envisioned (Thomas Jefferson was the first to devise this system in human history).

We are happy to say that local politicians are asking us about Proportional Voting. Not a single one of them is familiar with the voting system. We gladly provide them examples that show why the happiest nations in the world are the happiest nations indeed. They are all using Thomas Jefferson's clean voting system. The voters are in the driver's seat like they are in no other voting system.



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