The Missing Big Bang Egg

3 min readMar 4, 2022

We live in the resulting omelet.

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Everyone agrees that we live in a result, and not in the original state of the universe. There are no clues to what happened prior, except that whatever happened did result into the outcome we all live in. And that may be all we need to know to get a grip on how matter could have come about.

To keep it simple at first, the results can be declared an omelet. Right away, we have a clear handle on the actions that took place. The omelet derived from an egg, and yet there are two steps involved to end up with the omelet.

Many Big Bang theorists do not contemplate the first step. They have an egg turn into the omelet without cracking the egg first. They skip a step.

Cracking the egg is an action that is in no way related to making the omelet, other than the cracking being required first before the process of making the omelet can start.

In the Big Bang theory, the egg transforms into the omelet, shell and all. It is therefore obvious that Big Bang theorists are doing something that is not logical. They walk back all the information they have gathered from the omelet, and like some Frankenfood an origami origin is proposed that makes most sense — to them.

What is special about the first step of cracking the egg is that this action is a known action, a fact not disputed by anyone, and yet the cracking is not established by anything we can conjure on this side of the result. The reason for cracking the egg lies with the egg and its circumstances, not with the circumstances of the omelet.

A reason must then be found how the egg could have cracked itself. Interestingly, the omelet provides the answer.

With the omelet, a collective outbound motion of protomatter is seen that resulted in matter. That is all we need to know to understand how the egg cracked.

In 3D, we have three pairs of directions: up-down, left-right, front-back. Yet a fourth pair exists among the three pairs: in-out. A synergistic pair is therefore found among the three pairs of direction. It is not a self-based addition itself, but rather a substantially distinct outcome fully based on the three pairs.

The opposite of out is in, and when we have out as the omelet, then we can see how in helped crack the egg.

With a collective inward motion that did not stop by itself, the egg established a circumstance that would spell the end of the egg as it existed. A collective inward motion would establish the greatest tension on the center area of the inward motion. Here, the cracking occurred that ended up breaking the egg.

The Big Whisper theory explains further how not the center of the egg cracked, but indeed the shell. For more on that see the provided article link below.

Photo by Christian Cueni on Unsplash

Big Bang theorists agree that we live in an omelet and that the question is how the egg could have become an omelet. Yet Big Bang theorists don’t crack the egg. In the Big Bang perspective, the first necessary step of physics is unfortunately ignored.

The Big Whisper theory, named after Penzias and Wilson who discovered the whisper of the materialization process, shows that the pathway for matter was not one of bursting out from a center, but rather one of catapulting backwards from a collective inward motion.