The Big Whisper Model

3 min readDec 30, 2023

There are two kinds: Phenomenal and Pressurized

Photo by Oliver Hihn on Unsplash

The simplest Big Whisper result occurs with the Eye of the Storm.

The phenomenon of the Eye is readily visible to everyone, and yet the reason for the Eye is not found with the Eye itself. There is no (or not much) wind in the Eye. Meanwhile, the Storm and wind forces surrounding the Eye are the reason for the Eye to have formed.

With a phenomenon, we have a Big Whisper model on our hands that is based on forces pulling on the center to the point an additional outcome comes into being.

The winds pull so hard, the center emptied out of wind.

Yet, the Wall of the Eye is then the new location where the worst of the worst takes place.

The Black Eye (yes, a term used for what many call out as a Black Hole) is also a phenomenon. It is completely real, but the reason for the Black Eye is not found with the Eye itself.

The gravitational pulls by all stars in a galaxy are extremely strong in the center of the galaxy. A net-zero position is discovered (the Eye), and the Wall of the Eye is where the gravitational monster lurks.

In the image of ‘Black Holes’, we do not see many photons making it through the Eye (hence, we can call the Eye black). Yet where the photons are swatted out of the way, we see exactly where the action takes place. We see just the photons that are swatted into our direction.

The Big Whisper model, named for Penzias and Wilson who discovered the whisper of the materialization process, has two different formats.

Next to the phenomenal Big Whisper, there is also the material Big Whisper based on pressure. Instead of a pull, there is then a push, a pressure.

Our planet Earth is a good example, though we have to move inward completely to the inner core to see it. The Big Whisper model becomes visible with the two distinct states of the inner core: the solid and the fluid parts.

Pressure inside the planet is such that an entire inner part of the inner core is solid. Yet immediately at the very first opportunity of any friction possible? That is where the fluid inner core starts.

The difference in pressure between both distinct inner core parts, right where they are sitting next to one another, is not all that much. Yet that tiny bit of friction, that is where the Wall of the Eye is. That is where the force is the strongest.

Another example of a pressurized Big Whisper model is the materialization process itself.

Though we must start with immaterial energy, this immaterial energy is not like air. There is an actual state to it; we just cannot detect it. This is a more complex story to comprehend therefore, but the model can guide in understanding it.

With the knowledge that there is a collective outbound motion for matter in the universe, we can easily envision how this is the second part of a more complex storyline. It is the resulting outcome.

  • The first part would then be a collective inbound motion among this immaterial energy. It is the setup for the resulting outcome.

The same model is then placed to explain this process.

The center of the collective pressure, the inward motion, will be ‘solid’. This center state will not move or budge. Yet right next to the concentrated center, where friction is first possible, that is where the Wall of the Eye takes place. The strongest forces are applied to what is still immaterial energy, exactly in that spot next to the center.

As a result, we have damage occurring at the immaterial-energy level in that location. The immaterial energy is churned into material energy due to the incurred damage.

If we are to believe the calculations by physicists that all matter is still only about 4% of all energy, then the bandwidth of the area that ended up churning is about that much of all energy there always was. Transformation occurred, the immaterial energy damaged enough to become visible matter.

Let me know if you want to learn more about the Big Whisper models.