The Fourth Dimension and the Surprising Big Bang Alternative

9 min readFeb 22, 2020

This is not about time, but about an actual fourth directional dimension

Photo by Aditya Chinchure on Unsplash

How hard would it be to show that we do not live in a three-dimensional world? At first appearance, it looks like this would be impossible to do. Yet once understood, the four-dimensional setup is surprisingly simple. Better still, it shows how we manipulated ourselves to embrace one peculiar way only, to the detriment of the alternate way. After presenting the four dimensions, this article provides an alternate view on the origin of matter, commonly known as the Big Bang.

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To get on board with a fourth directional dimension we need to investigate the spatial setup of the three dimensions first. If you are sitting in a room, then the ceiling above and the floor below can be seen as the two outer points of one dimensional direction. The wall in front of you and the one behind you pair up for another dimension. The walls to the left and right complete the set. No mistake about it, we can sit in a room with three clear dimensions surrounding us.

Photo by Jens Behrmann on Unsplash

Yet did you notice how the room has eight corners and not six? Four ceiling and four floor corners complete the cube shape of the room. From one of the ceiling corners in front it is very easy to draw an imaginary line to the opposite corner on the floor behind us. This can be done four times in total, not just three times. Now, stand in the middle of the room and all four alignments pass right through you. These are our four dimensions.

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Why did we come up with three dimensions? This is surprisingly easy to explain because three dimensions are so much simpler for us to consider. Our own bodies have a front and back, a top and a bottom, a left and a right. We are basically 3D creatures in a 4D world. Similar to counting to ten because we have ten fingers, we envision three dimensions. It is easier that way.

Keep in mind that in the old days it was also easier to consider that the earth was flat, and it took time for the human mind to grasp the idea that our feet were solidly standing on a…