The Previous Universe

6 min readOct 16, 2023

There is more than what physicists dare tell you….

Photo by Davide Cantelli on Unsplash

Let’s shine a little light on the previous state of the Universe. Oh, wait, there was not yet any light. Nevertheless, there are details to share, information to gnaw on, realities to discuss about the previous Universe.

First, let’s put the record straight:

  • When there is a result, then there is an origin.

Let’s push away all folks that say Something from Nothing because they are not making any sense — at all. Get rid of these nitwits.

Then, let’s push away all folks that say Everything from a prior Everything as well, with the understanding that the second Everything cannot have a unified field of whatever existed prior. No secondary 100% state can be fully connected among itself and then not return to the original 100% state in a jiffy. Get rid of all folks that don’t understand this.

With all this crap out of the way, we can have a look at the prior state, because one conclusion is now crystal clear:

  • The prior state set itself up in undermining itself.

We discovered a fundamental break at the end of the prior state of the Universe.

Some folks declare that we cannot know anything about the prior state, but follow me in having this one look at a broken toy and anyone with even a smallish brain should understand the storyline already.

Nothing of a broken toy disappeared into thin air. All the pieces of the toy are right there in front of us. Though what did disappear was the special trick. The toy will not perform its trick anymore. With the breakage of the toy, the special trick is now gone forever.

So, like it or not, the special ability of the prior state of the Universe — whatever it was — is no longer. It will also not come back. The pieces do not have it in them to recombine into the toy again, so give up on the silly childish idea that somehow all will end up with a Hollywood ending.

Surprise, surprise!

The prior state of the Universe was not like the current state, and yet all we know (and more we don’t know) came out of that prior state.