The Surprising Structure of the Universe

4 min readJan 12, 2024

It’s Simple and Complex.

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Scientists are not priests. It is therefore a big surprise how scientists are hung up on a religious framework for the universe.

Nearly everything scientists declare about the big-picture level of the universe leads to a singular foundation — or it leads to the exact opposite, the rejection of the singular foundation though not explained as anything other than what it is not.

  • Physicists cannot think outside the religious box. That is a big surprise.

The materialization process of 13.8 billion years ago is the prime example of physicists being fixated on the monistic structure. Instead of leaving the question open how the materialization process occurred prior to the oldest data we have, they spool the movie backward until there is a singularity, a mathematical unknown, or simply the empty spot from which all derived.

  • They do not let this larger area be the starting point for all subsequent outcomes. They desire it to be one and united as the starting point, or declare it totally not knowable.

Let’s quickly compare this to an archaeologist who desires the find the single human fossil that is both male, female, young and old at the time of death. It would be total nonsense of course to hunt for such an artifact.

Yet based on not-finding this united human being, it would also be nonsense to declare subsequently that we cannot find human fossils at all.

  • Both positions do not help with understanding the big picture.

Physicists are crossing the street while trying to get to the middle.

— —

Our Milky Way is the largest group of matter that we ourselves are involved in. The Milky Way swirls in a collective manner around itself, but it also speeds collectively away from where it all began. This speed is actually the fastest we ourselves are involved in. This Motion originated in the materialization process and it was never interrupted.

  1. That’s the first handle to understand the Universal framework.
  2. The second handle is to understand where it started.

It turns out that the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation is the oldest scientific data we have. So, let’s start there.

In order to not fall into a religious rabbit hole, we stick to the known data.

  1. The reference frame for the Milky Way starts at a calculated 380,000 years distance from the mathematical center of the CMBR.
  2. It ends in our current spot.

That is our reference frame, and it happens to be the same for all other collections of matter in the universe.

  • The frame is universal.

The universal framework is a multitude of reference frames, one each for every galaxy, to state this in the simplest manner possible.

To spool back the movie further back than the CMBR is a fascinating scientific theoretical playground, yet the universal framework is that of many separate reference frames, individualized for each galaxy in existence.

There is no center spot for all these reference frames. They do not start from the center. They start from within striking distance of the CMBR.

Why would there not be a singular point where all had their beginning?

Because we would not be here if the universe were based on such a unified reality.

If our human ancestor was male, who was also female, both young and old all at the same time of death, then we would not be here the way we are.

Nature trumps the artificial idea how it should all be. Our brain should find the natural structure, and not the artificial structure.

The human mind should not hang on to an artificial structure.

Lastly, the religious structure.

We can bring everything back to one; we can bring everything back to God.

Yet as Spinoza made obvious, already some 400 years ago, we cannot ‘consume’ the idea of God unless we do so at the abstract level. It is only at the abstract level that we can make everything one.

  • It is very simple to do. To have a man and a woman, a young and an old person all be the same, all we need to do is declare them human beings. They are all human beings. Yet what was done then is making the specific aspects unimportant and jump right toward the abstraction that we all are: human beings.

It turns out that the brain desires everything to become one in such a strong manner that the brain can end up rejecting any other model. The human desire is so strong to have everything and everyone lined up perfectly well that individuals that do not agree may even get killed.

  • We can be curious about the origin of human beings. Not a problem.

The human brain is a bit unnatural. The tool we find on top of our shoulders can be mistaken for who we really are. Some of us can indeed be a bit of a tool, but in general we are not our brains. A computer is not the essence; it is a tool.

When 500 people are walking away from a square, and that is the very first thing you know for a fact about all these people, would you end up thinking all 500 people started out from being a single person?

Nature can only produce natural frameworks.

Human beings can produce artificial frameworks, and make the framework with the singular origin the most important framework there is.

The universal structure of the universe is very simple. That the reference frames are multiplied in enormous quantities makes the overall structure complex.