The Universe Explained in 3 Min.

3 min readNov 12, 2023

Understanding language well is the first requirement.

Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash

The human brain is complex. The mind is unlimited except for the limitations we place on it ourselves. Any and all structures can be conjured inside the brain: true, false, and those not immediately understood, all structures are included.

  • You came up with an idea, and the brain does not mind if that idea is structurally correct or not. If you don’t investigate, then your brain holds on to the idea, even if the idea is not possible.

The term Universe is not what scientists say it is. These smart people follow a pathway that ends up in a structurally incorrect position. The sad part? They don’t want to know about it.

Let’s focus on the brain & language because that is where we find the first clues.

“The family GOES to the beach.”

“Mom, dad, and the kids GO to the beach.”

Two sentences about the exact same people doing the exact same thing. Yet the human mind conjugates one sentence in the singular and the other sentence in the plural.

  • The brain is responsible for creating twice the same sentence, each with a different subject matter that in reality is not different from the other.

Imagine the following scenario:

The family goes to one and the same bathroom, pees while standing, and is done in one minute.

  • Pretty much not going to happen, agree?

The scenario was very easy to type into this article, but the presented reality will not ever take place because it is not possible.

The brain conjugated the sentence in the plural correctly. Meanwhile, the brain did something unnatural to conjugate the sentence in the singular.

The brain made the reality of several people disappear by using a term that was true for all. A singular concept took the place of these different people because within these people there was a bond that made them one clan.

The clan went to one and the same bathroom, peed while standing, and was done in one minute.

The human brain follows us in anything we think.

That means we have to work hard to remove the fantasies from our thinking (unless we are thinking about fantasies, then it is okay).

Example from religion:

  • Everything is united in God. Billions of people think this is true.

It is a structural thought that cannot be if we want God to be real.

When everything is united in God, then God is like a Cyclops. And when God is like a Cyclops, then we are not created in God’s image.

Conclusion: God must have two essential principles within God, otherwise we ourselves are out of sync with God and can also never end up being in sync with God.

Example from science:

  • The universe expands. Millions of physicists think this is plausible.

It is a structural thought that cannot be because we are making something real that is not a thing. The universe is not a unit.

The Universe is a term that includes everything there is, including things that exclude each other.

Space: no borders
Matter: borders

Universe = Matter + Space

The only option we have available to us is to say that the universe is borderless. As such, there is no expansion because an explansion indicates a border.

Instead, the spread of matter is what is expanding.

Matter organizes itself and the largest such organization is a galaxy.

The universe is not an organization. Parts of the universe show us an organization based on matter.

Some people confuse tools capable of declaring reality. Instead, tools declare reality correctly per the tool. Nothing more, nothing less.

At no point will a tape measure be involved with how tall we ended up being in life. The correctness of the tool does not mean we can give the tool greater properties than what the tool has to offer.

Even Spacetime is just a framework. It says nothing about the universe, but it can predict correctly what the behavior is of matter in space.

Let me know if you want to discuss this further.