Voting — Is It a Scam?

Some elections are not like other elections.

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A successful scam has its victims walk away from the crime scene without realizing right away that their money is now in the hands of crooks.

The three-cup gambling trick, for instance, has been exposed so many times now that hardly anyone gets lured into playing that ‘game’ anymore. Yet in the past many believed it was an honest game, particularly when they witnessed another ‘player’ win the game first. It was a set-up and the helper made it look legit.

Can official elections be a scam?

Of course the election results in the United States are a bit strange. We have raw material for all kinds of colors going into the cookie factory and only red and blue cookies coming out. We all know that our democracy is restricted in outcome.

Getting just Red & Blue outcomes is one of the reasons we have such a low voter turnout. People are not dumb. When folks are not given their full value, then fewer people will show up to vote. There is no surprise here.

United States is last.

Explaining the added colors in this graph:
In yellow, people vote in restricted voting formats. In green, nations are shown that use a clean voting format. In blue, a mixture of clean and restricted voting is used as format.

We see the same results for local elections, with the United States clocking in last.

When adding the USA to this otherwise European list, the United States would be placed in last position for local election voter turnout as well:

The percentages seen for voter turnout at local elections [in the US] show a range of “15 to 27 percent of eligible voters cast[ing] a ballot in their local elections.” Source: National Civics League.

Yes, Lithuania does better than the USA.

The UK, to bring the point home in another example, makes use of a first-past-the-post system. Not the majority per se, but the plurality wins the seat. The odds are pretty bad in the UK for picking the winner, and so the voters stay home, particularly with local elections. The graph confirms this.

Restricted democracies have fewer people coming out to vote. Other influences will also be in play, but limiting the voter options in real outcomes diminishes the attractiveness for participating — for sure.

We don’t like to see ourselves as a restricted democracy of course; it doesn’t feel right. Yet instead of getting ourselves the real deal, we only get to eat the cookies from the factory. We sometimes don’t know any better because we never had one of the other cookies.

The Red and Blue cookie factory has various explanations why the raw materials are brought into the factory in all kinds of colors with only red and blue cookies then coming out.

First of all, people need to self-register before they can vote; a threshold is put in place. On the European list, there are no nations with self-registration requirements. What happens is that, when moving from one address to another, it is mandatory for folks to let their local governments know. All people are then automatically registered and all eligible people receive an invitation in the mail to partake in upcoming elections.

By showing the percentage of voters based on the total number of registered voters only, the Red and Blue cookie factory can improve their numbers of voter turnout. They don’t use all eligible voters like all other nations; they only set the voter turnout against the registered voters which of course inflates the numbers. The R&B cookie factory makes us all feel just a little better about what are still miserable numbers.

A good scam has the appearance that everything is on the up and up. Yet the scam is most successful when we see others showing us that everything is alright, for instance, in the newspapers. We may even tell our friends that everything is alright when we have seen a successful outcome. The helper is part of the scam, plays the game and wins.

See, it is easy. You can get any kind of color cookie, just pick whichever you want and you are fine.

— — — —

So, what is going on?

Why do others use a clean voting system and we use a restricted voting system?

The answer is part truth and part scam.

The document to look for guidance is of course the US Constitution.

The US Constitution does provide all of us our legal equality, so we should indeed have the clean voting system in place. However, when it comes to the cookie factory, the storyline splits in two.

There is the Federal cookie factory and then there are the State cookie factories.

In the US Constitution, the Federal cookie factory is directed to produce two colors only. The two colors are themselves not prescribed and we can see today how that red cookie is trying to turn into an orange cookie. The other cookie is blue and has been the same color for quite a while.

For the State cookie factories, there are no special instructions.

All raw materials go in and we should see a good number of different colors in the outcome. Yet, here too, the results of the State factories are two kinds of colors only.

With the US Constitution in hand, the State is where the first scam occurs. And it turns out that the States can get away with it. We can see in plain daylight what they are doing and yet the police is not doing anything about it.

Let’s focus on the scam because the scam comes back later where the government can actually not get away with it.

While there are no special instructions in the US Constitution for State elections, and legal equality is indeed blasting its bright light on State elections therefore, the States snub their noses and have two colors come out as a result anyway.

They get away with it because the States are empowered entities in the US Constitution and no judge is able to make the State hold clean elections. The judge is afraid of that State’s US Constitutional powers (or has eaten just those factory cookies and does not know any better).

Just like the Federal elections can produce just two colors, State elections are producing just two colors despite the US Constitution’s words about equality and how governments cannot deny us our rights, cannot undermine our privileges.

We can say that the judges are the helpers in the scam — we look at them to help us figure out if all is on the up and up — but the judges are actually helpless themselves, even when they see the scam played out in all its details. The rules of the playbook are too diverse to come to a single conclusion; the US Constitution declares a gray area in this respect.

The scam is that we see a game that is truly unfair but, because the Federal game must be of this exact same kind and is indeed required, we walk away having handed our money to the State crooks.

There is a third kind of cookie factory.

Here, too, the raw materials can produce all kinds of colors in outcome, but the State played this scam really well. Hardly anyone notices the scam. The local cookie factory does not deliver us all kinds of colors.

First off, a thin veil is placed on all local candidates running. The candidates cannot use the Red or Blue color as their program to run on, so the outcome appears to be a great mix of personalized colors. Yet when digging deeper, these candidates are in overwhelming majority red and blue cookies. They just present themselves in a gray coat with brilliant individual aspects.

A yellow candidate can partake in the elections — be a candidate for all to see while not being too loud about being yellow. Yet a yellow cookie is hardly ever produced. The production company manipulates the production in such a manner that just red and blue candidates tend to be the results.

The helpers in the local game are the State officials. They already showed everyone that they can get away with the scam and that the police did not interfere. We, as the onlookers, cannot detect anything wrong.

What the State officials wrote in their books is the actual scam. It is actually pretty clever and reflects how all elections scams are controlled. The State rules enumerate a couple of options for local governments to hold local elections.

This gives off the appearance that all is on the up and up. Yet the one option we are looking for — the clean voting system — is not there. It is left out.

It’s like going to an All You Can Eat Buffet and seeing they have two dishes to pick from, eat as much as you want. Of course, you only get to see the ‘choice’ after you paid already.

Voter turnout in the United States is the lowest in the entire democratic world.

You may wonder why.

If you want to participate in getting the clean voting system in place, then join Local Revolutions grassroots organization. Yes, you get to do all the work and, No, there is no one asking you for money. Anyone in politics asking you for money? Run in the other direction.

You as a Friend of the Local Revolution will get to dog your local officials until they give you what is yours. They are scamming you right now, and no one but you can give them a kick under the butt.

We have the details; you get to do it (without physically touching anyone of course because this is politics and not a tug-of-war).

Here is another look, discussing our elections and the surprising difference between Case Law and Enlightened Law.



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