What Democrats Don’t Give You

3 min readOct 29, 2022


Answer: Your Freedom!

Photo by Jasmin Sessler on Unsplash

Political freedom is in great demand throughout the world. There are very few nations that deliver political freedom at its best. In the United States, we do live in a democracy but it is the most restricted version of democracy possible and still call a nation a democracy — we’ve got Red and Blue only.

As if it were the natural law of the nation, and forced on us via a restricted voting system, no other political colors are found in our political outcomes.

  • We are not free! Political colors are indeed missing.

The Democratic Party presents us the idea that we do not need greater political freedom because they are there to have our backs. Yet the system of limited political freedom we have today is never taken down; there is never any relaxation about how we must enjoy our freedom. It is Red or Blue or just stay home.

Instead of removing the limited voting system, the Democratic Party points to the Republican Party as the reason we are not truly free, politically. They are speaking the truth, but they blame the political enemy for going to take away our freedom when it wasn’t great to begin with. The Democrats are not showing their own cards in this stacked game. To paraphrase George Orwell, we have a nice case of doublespeak on our hands.

Gavin Newsom’s political adds deliver as message that we must vote for him to stand up agains Republicans wanting to take our freedoms away, that the Republicans are undermining our freedom.

Yet did he say that the Democratic Party was going to improve our political freedom?

  • No. He just said to not vote for that single other party.

He did not say how we are limited in our political freedom. He did not go into details how we would be more free when we get rid of winner-take-all at our local and State elections
We are guaranteed voter equality, except for the Federal elections as declared in the US Constitution.

The Democratic Party does not believe in an actual democracy. The Democrats want us to remain a two-party system forever, so they can be in control when their time comes around. They don’t care that the US Constitution does not say we must be a two-party democracy. They just want us to remain strapped inside a straight-jacket with one arm freed.

The Democrats talk the Democrat way. They do not talk democracy. They want to be the winners taking it all; they do not want the United States to be an actual democracy. If it can’t be Blue, they want you to regret that it ain’t Blue. While presenting themselves the heroes of democracy, they insist that your only other choice is Red.

The Democrats do not believe in democracy. They believe in themselves; they want to be your leader. They don’t want you to be the reason for their existence — you are there for them.

P.S. The Federal elections cannot get changed; they are as intended. Yet the US Constitution demands that we have voter equality everywhere else for local and State elections, and not just equality in the voting process, but equality in the results as well.