What God Used to Create Creation

You’d be surprised!

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Believing in God is one thing. Making God real is a whole other task.

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It should come as a big surprise how easy it is to believe in God. All that is needed is your saying Yes I believe in God and you’re done. Nothing needs to be added to the mix. It is as simple as that. You are in full control establishing God as the beginning of our reality. You won’t be unique, though. Many have gone before you, creating God with their very own brain.

The issue in this article is not whether God exists or not. We passed that question already and now we have established that God exists. If you don’t like that, go find yourself another article on Medium to read!

As many would do, once the front door is opened, we walk into a long hallway with many, many doors behind it. All these doors are wonderful to open, each a world onto itself to explore, to discover and then get lost. We love it, or at least we must love it, because we do it all the time. Once we open a door along that long internal corridor, nobody wonders about that front door anymore.

— -

With the front door we opened an entire setting in which we believe in God. There is so much behind that first door, truly wonderful. In this article, though, we must return to the front door, because we have to make the entire house of God real.

Don’t take this task too lightly. It is an important question to ask because the only switch needed to believe in God occurs inside our brain. It is very easy to let the brain do all the subsequent walking and in the end finding a big chair with Santa sitting in it, who must then be true. That is not the room where we want to end up in.

Come back to the very first door, where we answered the question positively that God exists. Before leaning in and seeing the long hallway with many doors, we have to make sure the door is indeed real. The only tool we have to figure out if the front door is real is our brain.

— -

Once we experienced life in many different settings, then most of us are aware that reality sometimes appears to be such and such, and later turned out to be so and so. Sometimes, we think we have the full story, and later we realize that it was just the beginning of a much longer story with more twists than initially considered.

At the front door, with that very important question, it is not enough if we answer the question with Yes. We have to establish how God could have done it. If we place God at the beginning of the biggest story of all, then it’s a fair question to ask: How did God do it?

We can give God enormous capabilities — powers — that are beyond our own knowledge. However, going through that next hallway door, thinking all is fine, the sandman will arrive soon to lull us all asleep. All’s well that ends well, right! Zzzzzz! Snore! Tug! That is not the right room.

How did God create creation?

If we don’t have an answer, then we don’t have a realistic belief. If we belief it was done, don’t know how, and still move on, then the belief is fundamentally hollow. It would then be a belief immediately followed up by a second belief that the first belief was indeed true. Two beliefs in a row, that’s a bit much, so we owe it to ourselves to answer the actual question how God did it.

First off, we have to decide what the word God means. If with God we mean an external entity, then we may keep our panties twisted in a wad. If we declare that God exists independently next to existence, then we have established a conundrum of the doubled kind. With God we have then A/ an entity from which all derived and B/ an entity that exists next to all that exists. That isn’t good logic. Realize how this turned the single question into a set of questions. The front door opened, but one or some of the hallway doors opened immediately at the same time as well.

Back to the front door, please. One door at a time.

We will have to start out with God as the very beginning, and understand that next to God there is nothing yet. How did God do it?

The answer is simple. God could have only created creation if God used God godself — or at least parts of God godself. Next to God, there wasn’t anything else, so the only option available is accepting that God used God godself.

This is the only way to make the front door real!

The human brain is capable of walking unto many paths, particularly when we consider a reality next to our reality. We need to be careful stepping toward the other reality because the chance is considerable to have that other reality not be connected to our reality any longer.

God can only be real if this reality derived from God, from the original God.

No one should have a problem with imagining a reality next to our reality, because where else do we go in our dreams, where else do we go after death, where else did we come from before we were born? Even scientists work with dark energy and Dark Matter, so a normal mortal being should feel fine answering that first question with Yes, there is a reality next to our reality.

By having God use God godself for creation, we made God real and we made the result real. We did not leave God hanging, immaculate, untouched. We linked God to the result, or at least parts of God ended up being the material result. God sacrificed (parts of) God.

— -

If you believe in God and you have never asked yourself this question, then give yourself time to ponder it. The comfortable room you ended up in will still be available after you walked back to the front door to investigate it. That room you came from will not go away. But at the front door, ask yourself what God used to establish creation. If you don’t want to answer it, that is fine, and just go back to the room you were sitting in already. It is still there.

Everyone else can wonder out loud about the difference in structure of A/ believing in God and stating that there are things we simply cannot know, and next compare this to the structure of B/ believing in God and stating that God must have used something real to create our reality. How else could God be real if it wasn’t for that realistic front door?

In the first structure, we can find ourselves dumbfounded about our reality. We could declare God as Almighty and we are then incapable of understanding how it was done. God is placed in the highest position possible and we find ourselves in a relatively lower position.

In the second structure, we find we have more in common with God than we perhaps ever thought possible. Not only is God no longer the intact original version because (some parts of) God transformed into matter, in effect establishing a distinctly different remainder of God today. But we ourselves are then results of God as well, and not results by God. Instead of placing God in the highest position, we can then place God in the most central position instead, within ourselves.

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