What God Used to Create Creation

6 min readJan 4, 2021

You’d be surprised!

Photo by Angry Beards on Unsplash

Believing in God is one thing. Making God real is a whole other task.

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It should come as a big surprise how easy it is to believe in God. All that is needed is your saying Yes I believe in God and you’re done. Nothing needs to be added to the mix. It is as simple as that. You are in full control establishing God as the beginning of our reality. You won’t be unique, though. Many have gone before you, creating God with their very own brain.

The issue in this article is not whether God exists or not. We passed that question already and now we have established that God exists. If you don’t like that, go find yourself another article on Medium to read!

As many would do, once the front door is opened, we walk into a long hallway with many, many doors behind it. All these doors are wonderful to open, each a world onto itself to explore, to discover and then get lost. We love it, or at least we must love it, because we do it all the time. Once we open a door along that long internal corridor, nobody wonders about that front door anymore.

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With the front door we opened an entire setting in which we believe in God. There is so much behind that first door, truly wonderful. In this article, though, we must return to the front door, because we have to make the entire house of God real.

Don’t take this task too lightly. It is an important question to ask because the only switch needed to believe in God occurs inside our brain. It is very easy to let the brain do all the subsequent walking and in the end finding a big chair with Santa sitting in it, who must then be true. That is not the room where we want to end up in.

Come back to the very first door, where we answered the question positively that God exists. Before leaning in and seeing the long hallway with many doors, we have to make sure the door is indeed real. The only tool we have to figure out if the front door is real is our brain.

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At the front door, with that very important question, it is not enough if we answer the question with Yes. We have to establish how God could have done it. If we place God at the beginning of the biggest story of…