Where Science Cannot Go….

Before there was matter, there was dark energy.

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What came first? The chicken or the egg?

Scientists figured out that the answer is the chicken. They placed one hundred chickens in a room and one hundred eggs in another room. When they returned the next day to both rooms, each kept at room temperature, the one hundred eggs were still one hundred eggs. But the room with one hundred chickens contained a couple of eggs as well.

Without any scientific doubt, the chicken came first and not the egg.

This is just a joke of course, but the larger question unanswered is what came before the chicken or the egg? Somehow, we have a material outcome and it must have come from somewhere. Scientists do not know the answer. Before there was matter, what was there?

The problem is that, without data, scientists cannot factually consider a different reality from which matter subsequently derived. As such, the joke about the chicken and the egg points us to the limits of science itself.

Once scientists have data, they can construct theories and establish hypotheses related to the data, whichever way they can think of. But they cannot think about energy before there was matter because they must link whatever they come up with their data, which is by default matter-based. Scientifically, the prior state cannot be self-based. And yet, that is exactly how the prior state must be approached.

Scientists work with a green line only.

With a universal setting in orange occurring before matter was established, as shown with the Big Whisper model, the reasoning for that orange setting must be based on what existed then, and not on what was going to exist later in green. Scientists do not have enough scientific handles to work out the orange setting. And that is a fact.

This is the scientific boundary.
Reality is automatically larger than science can capture.
The scientific realm is larger than the scientific data.

Philosophy and religion do not have the same problem. Capturing things beyond the scientific boundary is not difficult at all, but scientists cannot enter these realms with any ease. It isn’t a comfortable realm for them, so the following needs to be written down as scientifically possible for them.

Before there was matter… there was energy.

It is likely not a problem that energy existed prior since matter is a form of energy. Yet thinking about that prior energy based on its own reasons and circumstances is complicated for scientists. The full reasoning for the existence of matter cannot be based on knowing that some energy was going to be matter at some point in time. However, the outcome (in green) can guide us somewhat for what can be envisioned about the prior (orange) state.

Here is how it can be done: The conditions of the realm beyond the scientific boundary are accepted as possible but only in as far as they do not conflict with the known scientific data. Any storyline that fits the outcome is worthy of scientific consideration. Next, Occam’s Razor is applied to pick the most fitting proposal.

— -

In the Big Whisper model, matter is not the essence itself, but rather the result of energy. Matter is then secondary, an outcome from a prior occurrence.

Buddhists declared centuries ago that our reality is a result only.

The essence of energy is not found on this side of materialization or, at best, it is locked on the inside of matter. It does not make any difference if we understand matter to its fullest because, in essence, matter is not the original energy, only a derivative of that energy. Even scientifically knowing matter 100 percent still does not bring us full understanding of the prior energy. Matter is and remains distinct from the original.

Scientists rejecting energy as distinct from matter cannot find the overall construct because for them all must be told in a single storyline. All must be told as if in green the essence can indeed be presented.

When energy is the original source, and matter the derivative, then there are two story lines. In Universe 1.0, dark energy ruled in the orange storyline. And this orange storyline had an ending.

This ending is not based on anything that occurred in the green storyline.

First things first. Whereas structural thinking can establish the connection, scientific data alone cannot. An independent situation in which there is no scientific data other than accepting the existence of energy is like hell on earth for many scientists.

But we can take the collective outward motion of all matter in the universe, something we have known about since Lemaitre and Hubble, and conclude from this outward motion that prior there was an inward motion. It isn’t 100 percent tight, but it is a logical setup.

With an inward motion that did not stop by itself in that orange Big Whisper storyline, the outcome would automatically entail parts of this energy ending up damaged. Once fundamental damage occurred, the inward motion stopped and everything involved catapulted out due to the release of that tension.

Interestingly, our planet is a recreation of that structural reality, but then in a material setting solidly in place. Dig deep into our planet and one can see how tension builds while no additional action is required other than moving closer to the center; an increase in pressure happens by itself due to the setup.

Move toward the center of earth and the tension is such that we find a inner core that is solid. But the beauty is that right next to the solid inner core there is a fluid inner core as well. This fluid inner core churns and this helps our planet be a warm planet from the inside out.

The spot where the churning is the strongest is not in the middle of the fluid inner core either; this occurs right next to the solid inner core. We see the same structural phenomenon with a hurricane where the strongest winds measured on our planet sit right-smack next to an eye of the storm in which not all that much is happening, blue skies above.

A locked-in-place center, the strongest movements exactly right next to it.

The structural setup of the inward motion in the dark-energy setting after which all catapulted outwardly is not like earth; with earth, the inner-churning is encapsulated in the larger setting — it is not going anywhere else. The structure we are looking for is more like the hurricane, as if there were some magic button that made the hurricane unleash its pressures outwardly, for instance, once it hit a mountain range. All winds then move outwardly (and then subside in our earthly reality).

In the orange storyline about the prior state there is no matter, just energy in which pressure could somehow build up to the max. Basically, there is no mountain range, just the occurrence of energy being damaged at the fundamental level somewhere mid-space and tension then being released, catapulting outwardly.

Where dark energy got damaged at the fundamental level when there was too much pressure around a large but locked-in-place center of energy, occurring at the end of Universe 1.0, one can call that specific area within the inward motion of dark-energy: Zone 2.

Then, everything catapulted outwardly, Zone 1 (center), Zone 2 (churned until damaged) and Zone 3 (outer regions).

It is only at the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation that the damaged dark energy of Zone 2 could get expressed. Zones 1 and 3 remained like the prior energy, while also catapulting outwardly. Before reaching the CMBR, the release of pressure was not complete and this tension kept the damaged energy of Zone 2 locked up.

The quarks are the damaged dark energy expressed — at the CMBR — and since the quarks cannot exist in a balanced outcome by themselves, they had to form balanced outcomes together. The results are neutron and proton, parts of the atoms.

Because the proton is positively charged, the electron ended up becoming part of the picture, too. From the remaining dark-energy circumstances (that is, from Zones 1 and 3, both together much larger than just the energy of Zone 2), the negative compensation of the positive proton gets extremely close to being a material outcome itself as well.

Because the orange storyline has a self-based inward motion that did not stop, we ended up with a green storyline in which matter plays its central role and dark energy plays an important minor role (even when there is more of it).

— -

Scientists cannot look at just the data and then think they can figure it out. Even though they can theorize, scientists are stuck in place because their data is not from the orange setting, not based on the orange setting. They need help from structural philosophers that can look beyond the scientific boundary.

Scientists were not educated to enter the scientific realm beyond the scientific boundary. For sure, they have a hard time communicating about this realm, with many even denying it exists or is possible. Perhaps this article helps them realize that science has its natural limits.

— -

In math, zero is given the same treatment. Just because they can, mathematicians exclude zero wherever possible. Yet review the binary system of ones and zeroes and not even the weirdest fool would exclude zero, would not even try. To conjure a big-picture reality just from the positive integers is simply put the wrong approach. Scientists must fully include an independent and functional zero position within science to understand the big picture. The scientific realm contains a zero spot where scientists must rely on their brains first and on data next.

Same scientific data, different structural setup.

Scientific data did not reach us from the orange setting, other than in derivative form. Anything proposed to have happened in the orange setting only cannot be verified by data from the green setting. The scientific boundary is real and can be overcome through theorizing. The orange setting must leave space for future scientific data in green, but that green outcome is then derived from the orange setting. We live in two realities of energy and matter.

Structural Philosopher

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