Why a Black Hole is a Laughable Idea

5 min readApr 29, 2023

When all data is correct, and yet the model is not, then a LIE gets told!

Photo by TETrebbien on Unsplash

When a scientist tells the entire world that the center of the Eye of the Hurricane contains an invisible mass that controls the Storm, then all people everywhere in the entire world would fall to the ground — laughing.

The center of the Eye of the Storm does not even contain any wind, so how can there even be an invisible mass in the middle of that storm controlling the whole storm? It is simply not real.

  • We all know the truth: The Storm created an Eye in which there is no wind. The very windy Storm created a non-wind center.
  • There is no invisible mass inside that center controlling the Storm.

No clown, not even a clown showing us he has the highest physics degree in the world, can tell us something that is not true. We all would be laughing real hard. The center of the storm is not controlling the storm.

The Eye is real, but it is a phenomenon. The storm as a whole created that funny hole in its center.

Yet… when we talk about Black Holes, most folks end up not that certain about what is happening.

“Well… you got me there. I don’t know. You got that degree. Yes, I think you are right.”

As it turns out, most of us do know better than we think we know, but we aren’t applying our common knowledge to this specific situation. Yet, once we do…

… it does not bode well for our ‘beloved’ physicists.

The center of gravity in my washing machine is such that no laundry was found in the center when the spin of the machine was really high. All my laundry got pushed to the side and that is how a lot of water got extracted. We gotta love modern technology. All laundry got pushed out due to the high spin.

At the end of the spin, however, the setting was such that the laundry fell toward the center, which was great because it prevented a lot of wrinkling occurring to that clean laundry. The slowing of the spin caused my wash to fall toward the center some and then not get wrinkled all that much.

The slowing spin, reversing the spin once or twice as well, made it possible for my laundry to move about. Instead of extracting water to the max, the spin of the machine got slowed substantially so all laundry could relax, and even go toward the center of the spin.

It is simple to understand.

So, here is the deal:

The center of our Solar System has a spin that is very similar to laundry falling toward the center when the spin is not spinning at any extreme levels. That is why the center of our Solar System has a lot of stuff there. It is all light-weight (hydrogen, helium), just the way we like it.

Now, consider the center of our Milky Way.

Does it have a low spin like our solar system or does it have a high spin?

As it turns out, the spin is quite high. Nothing can get stuck in the center of this centrifugal spin because the gravitational spin is at its max.

Now, do you see why Black Holes are not possible?

The centrifugal spin is too high for anything to sit there for long.

The issue for physicists?

  • Anything invisible such as gravity is invisible alright. Yet when there ain’t nothing visible there at all, does that mean there is nothing there indeed? Somehow, physicists can’t figure it out. They ignore the alternate model and end up needing to accept that matter can collapse onto itself even when the spin is real high — a miracle.

When a model is wrong, then everything that is absolutely correct is also absolutely incorrect. The trees are all correct, but the forest is misunderstood. The clearing does not contain invisible trees.

Physicists embraced the solar system model and used it for the galactic model, too. No physicist ever questioned the model. They all focused on the details and kept the greatest gravitational mass strictly to the center. No one got trained looking at the big structural picture. No one questioned if the model could be incorrect.

Much of what could fall into the center of the galactic spin is pulverized, like glass thrown into your tumble dryer, not anything surviving intact.

As you would imagine, that pulverized matter would also not stick around long in the real spatial setting. It would get thrown out via the perpendicular vents, or it would get thrown back into the galactic disk, piecemeal and not specifically easy to detect.


The solar system has a center in which the centrifugal spin is relatively moderate. Matter can collect there and stay there. While the Sun is quite our source of energy, in some respect it is a sleeping beauty of light-weight material only. We should not wake it up.

The galactic system has a center in which the centrifugal spin is relatively fast. Matter is not able to collect there and then stay at that location. The spin is far too high for any matter to remain in that location.

Not even photons can make it through the fast spin around the empty center: We see a Black Eye because nothing gets through the spin. The ring of light around the Eye are the photons pushed off their paths at the Wall, found immediately next to the Eye. The ring (or donut) is the actual gravitational monster and the inside is nothing but space.

Black Holes are a black eye for physicists.

These super-smart people should have known better, but they did not care to investigate structure. They just cared about data being correct. Their focus was on the data being correct; none of them questioned the model.