Surprised That You Are (Definitely) NOT Empowered?

5 min readNov 25, 2023

We The People is a beautiful but blatant lie.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

My class had about 30 percent black young adults in it and 30 percent white young adults; a quarter was Asian, the remaining Hispanic.

When we were asked to segregate ourselves in racial groups and then asked to decide for ourselves to line up the societal importance of these four racial groups, something very special happened to the white group.

The white group:

  • Voted!

The other groups? They discussed and discussed and discussed until there was consensus among their groups. Then they presented their findings.

Because consensus took longer, the white group voted once more, this time louder, expecting the other groups to pay more attention to how they were getting to the heart of the issue quickly.

No surprise, all racial groups put white folks in top of the hierarchy as the group that received the most benefits in society. Yet it was the disbelief in voting that stood out for me.

None of the other groups voted. What we would call people belonging to racial minorities ended up not voting.

Voting was NOT in their benefit, that was obvious.

Minorities have learned that voting does not lead to the outcomes they desire.

Majority rule is the norm in a democracy.

Yet the United States in particular has a weird majority-rule democracy:

  • While voting, only the majority ends up being represented by their choice. Everyone else not in the majority got gagged.

The people sitting around the governmental table are not-representative of all voters. The majority of the voters got ALL the seats instead of their getting just the majority of the seats as it should be.

All racial minorities in the United States know that they are gagged by the voting system. They are not represented by their actual numbers.

The future of the United States is very colored. Whites will end up being in the minority. Will you follow me in this racist view of whites in the USA ending up as a minority, used here to make a point about our democracy?

[Disclaimer: I hate it when people say blacks are this, or whites are that, and Asians are such, etcetera. I am only doing this now in this article myself to make a specific aspect come across quickly; I hate racists, and I do not see whites or any other group based on race as all of them being one kind of people. Here we go:]

Whites have one important choice to make:

  • Let the future be one in which whites, indeed, end up being a minority group and therefore be dominated by the majority of colored people (Hispanic, Asian, Black)?
  • Let the future be one in which democracy is based on equality instead?

If you can’t see the importance of the second question, then let’s put the clean democratic version next to the current version in the USA.


The majority wins the seats x the majority in the seats = the decision:

That means that, for instance, 60% x 60% = 36%

  • That is minority rule; the 36% are the voters supporting the decision through their votes. The 60% represent a majority, used as example.

Today, that win is held by the largest group, the whites.

Tomorrow, that win is still held by the largest group, the not-whites.

Tomorrow if we get true freedom in voting:

All voters are represented by their votes at the table before the decisions are made. Then, the majority makes the decision:

That means that, for instance, 99% x 60% = 59.4%

  • That is majority rule; the 59.4% are the voters supporting the decision through their votes. The 60% is still just the example of a majority.

Today, the whites would still win most decisions.

Tomorrow, the whites would still be important, their voices would not be suppressed; they would not be gagged.

Let’s make one thing very clear: We suppress our minorities economically.

Compared to all rich nations in the world, no other rich country gives more to the rich and less to the poor than the United States. See the map below.

When whites end up in the minority, then their income will (probably very slowly) dwindle over time. They will loose their economic grounds.

Source: Gini index, wikipedia.

On this map, you can see how the USA is darkest of all rich nations.

The least amount of all wealth in a rich nation is given out in the USA to the bottom of society.

All other rich nations give much more to their bottom segment of their societies. We suppress the pursuit of happiness for all citizens. We give more to the ones that have more already.

Did this explain well to you why only the group of whites voted when they needed to agree about their list of the four racial groups and their hierarchy of societal importance?

The whites truly believed in their version of democracy. It had always worked for the whites, so why would they not trust this system?

The other groups, all three of them, had learned that the limitations of democracy in the United State would throw them under the bus. They would have none of it for themselves. Rather, they took their time to discuss this issue among themselves, and did so in a profound manner. Some spoke up more, others spoke up less, but in the end they all agreed on their own group choice.

Whites were in top for all four racial groups. No surprise.

But… the others were not ranked necessarily in the same order. For instance, Hispanics put themselves in last spot, whereas blacks put themselves in last spot. Asians did not put themselves in second spot, whereas all other groups had put Asians in second spot.

Suppression is experienced by all who are suppressed. The groups that were suppressed (all groups but the whites), put themselves in a lower spot than the other groups had put them in.

  • We see it clearly when we ourselves are suppressed; we have a harder time seeing suppression when it happens to other groups we do not associate ourselves with.

Voters in the United States are not as empowered as voters in other nations. Sweden, the Netherlands, Spain — they all make use of Thomas Jefferson’s clean voting system. They have various parties competing with each other for your vote. The parties want your vote and they listen to you closely.

We don’t have that voting system. We still have the old-English voting system in which voters compete with the voters for representation. The two parties are laughing because you got gagged the minute you walked into the voting booth. Your level of representation was diminished in accuracy and importance. The winners don’t have to listen all that carefully. They hold more of the power.

  • Voters competing with voters, that is always divide-and-conquer.

One look at the Gini map of the world (of all rich nations), and you know that you are (definitely) NOT empowered like the voters in other rich nations.